Richard Cooper Furniture

The Design Commission Project

Initial discussions and design:- When designing a piece of furniture the required function will dictate its basic form, however Richard always ensures that thought is given too to potential future changes in use, for instance where the commission is to produce computer or entertainment equipment. Samples of different woods are stocked in the workshop to help with your selection - there is a far greater choice than is normally found with mass produced furniture

Into the workshop:- The design can take time to evolve before the finalised working drawing is approved. At this stage the commission is slotted in to the work schedule. As wood is a natural product it may take a while to settle after initial machining and clients are sometimes surprised to learn that the whole project can often take several months to complete!  During this time visits to the workshop by prior arrangement are always welcomed so that the progress of your piece can be followed.

The finished piece:- As your commission nears completion arrangements are made for delivery and suggestions for care will be given. If required Richard will be pleased to supply any special oils etc. that he recommends. Only with the client's permission a photograph will be taken to add to the portfolio - and Richard always hopes that one day he'll be able to take another one when you make a piece of  Richard Cooper Furniture your choice once more !