Richard Cooper Furniture


Terms of Business


Initial contact :- To discuss the commissioning of a piece of furniture please could you phone 01625 858394 for an appointment which can be either at your home or at the workshop in Adlington. Details of the intended use, size, type of wood and level of decoration are required to enable a preliminary sketch and cost estimate to be drawn up as shown on the Design Commission Webpage.


    Payment of deposit :- Once the final details are decided on a 25% deposit is payable. The materials are then sourced and an initial sizing of components will be prepared, further work being carried out only when the wood has been allowed to relieve any inherent stresses.
  Time scale for a commission :- The time scale for completing the commission will vary but is usually between six and nine months. However this sometimes can be less to meet a deadline such as a wedding, a birthday or a special presentation etc.
  Progress payment and final settlement :-  A further 25% payment will be required for larger items once the project is well under way. Final payment for all items is due on delivery. There is no VAT payable.